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The Fujairah Freezone ]

Free Zone of Fujairah offers excellent connectivity, to the world; by air through Fujairah International Airport, by sea - through the multipurpose Port of Fujairah, and by road to all major cities of GCC, West Asia and beyond. .

The Fujairah Airport

The Fujairah Airport ]

From a flight of fancy to a living reality, UAE's fifth and only airport on the east coast became operational on October 29, 1987 in Fujairah, reflecting the Emirate's growing importance as a center for aviation, commerce and tourism. .

The Port of Fujairah

The Port of Fujairah ]

The Port of Fujairah is the largest Multi Purpose Port on the Eastern Seaboard of the UAE. Its strategic position has proved attractive to both the range of users of the multi- purpose Port and the significant numbers of vessels calling at the Fujairah Anchorage for Bunkers, Supplies and Service. Fujairah along with Singapore and Rotterdam ranks as one of the top 3 Bunkering points in the World. .

The Fujairah Tourism Bureau

The Fujairah Tourism Bureau ]

Tourism in Fujairah plays a significant role in introducing the UAE. It offers a rich heritage and traditions of its people which dates back from thousands of years ago. Fujairah presents wonderful beaches, mountain chains, archeological sites and other interesting places to all people around the globe. .

The Fujairah Customs Department

The Fujairah Customs Department ]

It offers efficient and common customs facilities for users of the Free Zone of Fujairah, Port of Fujairah, Fujairah International Airport and the Dibba Sea Port. Guided by the experience gained over the past two decades, customs procedural formalities have been simplified, leading to convenient operations and faster movement of sea/air cargo. .

The Fujairah Municipality

The Fujairah Municipality ]

The Municipality was established according to a Decree from the Ruler of Fujairah on April 1969 and is committed to improving the standard of living of the public by providing modern facilities to all sectors – health, education, cleaning, transportation and roads, water and electricity, city and village planning and protection of the environment. The Municipality plays an important role in the economic and commercial activities in Fujairah and has uncomplicated regulations for issuing of licenses for commercial, service, industrial, building and construction activities. .

The Fujairah Department of Industry and Economy

The Fujairah Department of Industry and Economy ]

The Department of Industry and Economy is the focal point of economic activities in Fujairah. The department plays a leading role in working out regulations and plans for the Emirate's comprehensive development. The functions of the department include supervision and direction of economic activities and preparation of feasibility studies on new investment projects in the agricultural, industrial and commercial fields. .

Fujairah Natural Resources Establishment

Fujairah Natural Resources Establishment ]

Subsequent to Edict No. 1 promulgated by HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al-Sharqi in March 2009, the FNRI was established as an autonomous entity overseen by the Government of Fujairah. The FNRI aims at conducting earth-related studies and geological researches and dissertations, in addition to carrying out diversified surveys in order to develop the sectors of rocks, minerals and oil in particular and to optimally use the natural resources located within the boundaries of the Emirate in general. Institution is also concerned with drawing geological maps and prospecting alongside with carrying out studies pertinent to geological risks and to provide services to the public. Moreover, the FNRI acts on the arrangement of licenses, permits, rights, agreements, and concessions related to rocks and minerals in order to streamline and facilitate the setup procedures of the necessary projects that would boost the domestic and foreign rocks and minerals investments and further to provide the proper conditions for all current and new entrepreneurs and investors with the aim to improve the services. In addition, the FNRI aims at monitoring all activities and evaluating the ecological impact, and hence providing protection for the consumer, public safety and environment in terms of operations and mining and at appraising the extent of commitment and adherence to the laws and rules and regulations enforced in this regard. .

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